North Korean dictators have many fantastic achievements attributed to them.  For example, according to his official state biography, Kim Jong Il shot 38 under par with 11 holes-in-one the first time he picked up golf clubs.  Kim Jong-un is an avid basketball fan and describes himself as “explosive” and a “playmaker.”  Here are some facts about the pair you may not know:


Kim Jong-un was a start high school and college linebacker.  He was so dominant that the other team couldn’t score, and couldn’t even get a 2nd down.

Kim Jong-Un made a follow up dunk on his own missed dunk.

Kim Jong-un frequently picks up a 1-12 split while bowling.

Kim Jong-un pitched a triple double, his first time on the mound.

Kim Jong-il hit for the cycle in his first at bat.

Kim Jong-un hit a 3-run home run as a lead-off batter.

Kim Jong-un puts his pants on three legs at a time.

Kim Jong-un can do one armed push-ups as well as one legged jumping jacks.

Kim Jong-il karate chopped down a tree.

Kim Jong-un won the North Korea paper football championship on a controversial safety.

Kim Jong-un CANNOT speak with dolphins, but he enjoys their poetry and has corresponded with a dolphin pen pal since he was 10.  

To impress his children, Kim Jong-il would often juggle wheelbarrows filled with sand, and not lose any sand. 

Kim Jong-il could make static electricity by rubbing a balloon against a bolt of lightning.

Kim Jong-un has a trophy case case. 

Kim Jong-un got a technical foul for hanging somebody from the rim. 

Kim Jong-un killed Colonel Mustard in the Hall with the Billiard Room. 

Kim Jong-il once stared at the sun for so long that the sun looked away. 

Kim Jong-un does not permit two way mirrors in North Korea. All mirrors are his way. 

Kim Jong-un’s computer keyboard is the only one in North Korea with an “ESC” key. 

As a high school quarterback, Kim Jong-un once threw an interception to himself and returned it for a touchdown.

Letter related puzzles are banned in North Korea, as Kim Jong-un won’t let anyone utter a crossword.

Kim Jong-un can train rats to create mazes. 

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  1. “Kim Jong-un killed Colonel Mustard in the Hall with the Billiard Room.”
    Are you sure you did not mean in the _______ with a gun or rope or knife or …..?

    Otherwise, very clever and enjoyable.

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