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More facts!

While playing soccer, Kim Jong-il once scored a header on the kick off.

Kim Jong-il won the North Korea Marathon, which is 262 miles since the decimal point is banned in North Korea.

Kim Jong-un’s hide-and-seek playmates have never been found. 

Kim Jong-un’s voice is so powerful it echoes underwater.

Not only can Kim Jong-il look directly into the sun, he prefers to.

Kim Jong-il broke the world record in the triple jump despite jumping backwards on his second jump.

Kim Jong-il has 20/20 foresight.

Kim Jong-il once struck out the side on 9 pitches.  The first 8 were balls.

Kim Jong-il once scored 65 points in a game of catch.

Kim Jong-un can build an igloo out of fire. 

Kim Jong-il beat a bear in an eating contest by consuming 88 hotdogs, 12 pounds of Spaghetti, 16 apple pies, the bear, and the judges.

Kim Jong-il jumps octuple dutch.

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