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More facts!

It only takes Kim Jong-un 3.3 seconds to change a tire – into sunshine. 

Kim Jong-il once bowled a 300 with one tank.

Kim Jong-un owns a fabrege chicken. 

Kim Jong-il made every snowflake in North Korea the same.

Kim Jong-un bested his father’s drive of 574 yards by hitting a ball 585 yards with a tire iron. 

Kim Jong-il  once caught a train. With a net. 

Kim Jong-un is so good at math, he built a Log Base E cabin. 

Kim Jong-un can turn a molehill into a mountain range. 

Kim Jong-un once robbed a hitter of a home run in left field despite the fact that he was playing catcher. 

When Kim Jong-un plays Gauntlet, the game doesn’t complain when he takes all the food. 

Kim Jong-un can do the same thing over and over and get a different result each time.

Kim Jong-un can recycle water with his bare hands.  

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