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More facts!

Kim Jong-un rides a pommel horse in dressage.  In gymnastics, he pummels the horse.

The only time Kim Jong-il ever got out in baseball was when he hit a line-drive up the middle and was hit by the ball as he was sliding into second.

Kim Jong-un can transmit a fax through a soup can telephone.

Kim Jong-un’s pulse is measured in beatings per minute. 

When playing monopoly, Kim Jong-un is paid $200 when his opponents pass Go. 

Parcheesi is Kim Jong-un’s favorite Water Board Game. 

Kim Jong-un can impregnate women via oral sex. 

In gym class as a child, Kim Jong-il could climb the rope using only his feet. 

Kim Jong-un’s finishing move is just the beginning.

Kim Jong-un bid one dollar and won both showcases. 

Kim Jong-un won on Jeopardy by phrasing all of his responses in the form of the SAME question. 

Kim Jong-un’s testes descended four minutes after conception.

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